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ILC-Japan was interviewed on Aging in the World and issues in Japan by Asahi Shimbun.(Oct. 2012)

Mr. Morioka, President of ILC-Japan Contributed to the Book“Global Health & Global Aging”Published by AARP(Nov.30,2007)

Global Health & Global AgingAARP Foundation published the book“Global Health & Global Aging”on Oct. 2007. The editors of the book include Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland, and Bill Novelli, CEO, AARP.

All the authors of this book represent persons in diverse sectors, from various countries throughout the world. Dr. Robert Butler contributed the preface of the book. Section 7 in the book was the contribution by Dr. Francoise Forette, President, ILC-France, as well as Section 11 by Mr. Shigeo Morioka, President, ILC-Japan, Section 15 by Baroness Sally Greengross, Chief Executive, ILC-UK, and Section 19 by Dr. Sharad D. Gokhale, President, ILC-India.

Information about purchase of the book:

<publisher>Jossey-Bass/John Wiley and Sons, Inc
※Please identify the code above(International Standard Book Number) at the bookstore.

Reform of the health care system in Japan - the aims of the June 2006 Partial Amendments to the Health Insurance Act

The Partial Amendments to the Health Insurance Act that were passed by the Diet on June 14, 2006, decided the direction of subsequent health care system reforms in Japan. The amendments were made within a context of steeply rising medical expenditure for the elderly, and consisted mainly of measures to curve the medical expenditure by increasing the size of co-payments by the elderly, and by preventing lifestyle-related diseases.PDF

Overview of the Revision of the Long-term Care Insurance System

Japan has undertaken the first major revision of its Long-term Care Insurance System (LTCI). LTCI is a national insurance program instituted in April 2000. This insurance program was enacted in response to an emerging awareness in Japan that satisfactory service delivery for older people requires the commitment of not only their families but also their community and the public sector.PDF

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