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ILC-Japan published “Productive Aging –Robert Butler Memorial Issue” in July 2011.

“Productive Aging –Robert Butler Memorial IssueDr. Robert N. Butler, the father of gerontology and the founder of ILC Global Alliance passed away from acute leukemia on July 4 in 2010.

“Productive Aging –Robert Butler Memorial Issue” is a special report compiling his works as well as some of the remarks he made in his activities. It also features interviews and messages of famous people who were deeply influenced by him.

While compiling this report we were moved profoundly once again by his foresight, incomparable energy and inspiration. He proved with his own life that aging is by no means tragic and dedicated his entire life to pursue the ideal societies where everyone can enjoy longevity. The spirit of Dr. Butler is inherited to us and ILC-Japan will strive to create the future he envisioned together with members of the ILC Global Alliance.

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ILC-Japan published“Global Information Journal on Longevity and Society 2009,”Presenting Suggestions from Leading Persons in Each Field Related to ‘Japan as a Longevity Society’ (May ,2010)

Global Information Journal on Longevity and Society 2009The first issue of “Global Information Journal on Longevity and Society”was published in Japanese in July 2006, with the aims of conveying the significance of conscious dealing with information and its effective use, while realizing wealthy longevity society, improving the QOL in individual lives.

Every issue of the Journal has its coherent theme, including an interview or a talk at the top, by leading persons in respective fields. By striving for enlightenment related to challenges in an aging society with declining birthrate, the Journals have been well received.

ILC-Japan has currently published the English version of “Global Information Journal on Longevity and Society 2009”extracted from issues No.10, 11 and 13 following FY2008 edition.

<Contents of 2009 issue>

  • No.10 New Ways of Working in an Aged Society
  • No.11 Rethinking Productive Aging
  • No.13 Hope and Security in an Aged Society with Fewer Children
  • Global Trend
    ILC Japan Attends "Alzheimer's in an Aging Society" at New York

<Contents of 2008 issue>

  • No.5 Is There Anything I Can Do to Help?
  • No.6 The Aging of Suburban Residential Areas
  • No.7 The Health Insurance System in Japan
  • No.8 The Adult Guardianship System and Human Rights of the Elderly
  • No.9 A New Form of Local Community

<Contents of 2007 issue>

  • No.1 The Lives of Older Japanese Today Viewed in the Context of International Data
  • No.2 Japanese Older Persons in the 21st Century To Live with Dignity
  • No.3 Health and Longevity for the Future
  • No.4 Thinking about Life and Death in the New Era

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